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was born from the union of design and technology to create and distribute home design internet-of-things products


Foto di Simone Camporeale

Simone Camporeale


Simone has a technical background and a passion for problem-solving. He best expresses his expertise in mobile applications and Internet of Things.

Foto di Federico Tognetti

Federico Tognetti


Federico has a degree in economics and extensive experience in strategy and management in multinational companies of fashion and retail.

Foto di Matteo Bissoli

Matteo Bissoli


Matteo has a technical education and years of experience in telecommunications, cloud technologies, web and mobile applications.


Luciano is a Bluetooth speaker designed by Paolo Cappello for NEWBLACK®. Ceramics and electronics. Two contrasting elements come together in a work of art

Newblack presents an object of contrasts, of magic and of pure beauty. Excellence in form, in materials and in sound come together as one in this speaker.


Revive the magical atmosphere of the old days thanks to Louis' warm notes. Louis is the design creation that enriches your phone sound with the vinyl warmth.

Louis' wooden trumpet is designed to mimic the retro sound of vinyl records. The dedcated App starts a real dialog between the phone sensors and the shape of Louis.


The design marries elegant finishes such as Italian oak from the 1700’s. The horn is available in ceramic plated with pure gold.

The refined audio system with Bluetooth ™ 4.0 maximizes the performance of the ceramic horn guaranteeing a new voice to your music.

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